Restoring the Spars, PT 1

The boom, mast, and spreaders have taken some abuse over the years and our showing their age. Scratches, chips, and corrosion is seen covering each.

Utilizing the forums again, along with Google and a phone call to Interlux, I have a solid plan for bringing these aluminum pieces back to their original luster.

The Plan

  • Strip all hardware from the boom (taking pictures and labeling as I go)
  • Clean areas of corrosion and sand boom with 150grit to rough up
  • Apply two coats of Interlux Epoxy Primekote
  • Apply two coats of Interlux Perfection
  • Sand with 400 grit
  • Apply final coat of Interlux Perfection

Being winter in New England I’ll begin with the boom as it easily fits into the garage and will be a good trial run before completing the mast in nicer weather.

Stripping the Boom

Over the weekend I pulled everything off the boom so I was left just the aluminum extrusion. All screw (including broken ones) and fittings were labeled in bags to add in reassembly later on. I think I was fortunate to only have a hand full of screws break during this process and require being drilled out.

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